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The dating handbook "Aligned With Love" is waiting to unlock better love in your dating journey!


"Aligned With Love"

This ebook is perfect for anyone who is interested in taking their dating life to the next level. Regardless of if your single or dating, it will help you step into your higher self and exceed your expectations for love by giving you tons of valuable information to help your journey.

This Ebook is all about seeing the foundation for your dating journey. In this Ebook I discuss limiting beliefs, attraction polarity, dealbreakers, boundaries, and how to date as a confident women in 2022!

1) Strengthen your dating life by having a solid foundation of YOU. The #1 reason why dates and relationships fail is because neither person knows what they want! This ebook helps you outline your purpose, intention, and impact you would like to see in your dating life. This is what aligning with love is all about! Don't get lost in failed dates and patterns of bad relationships.

2) Identify the key areas you should focus on to step into your higher self (the most authentic and powerful you).

Each one of us has a very unique approach to dating. Yet, our experiences are more similar than you think. I hope that this ebook helps you step in to your best self to give and receive love.

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