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Thank you for agreeing to set up a quick advice/clarity call with me. I am looking forward to chatting with you! During this call, I’d like to ask that you share your dating situation and any questions you have. Typically the first 15 mins is all about you sharing and me listening. The second half will be where I can offer some guidance or advice, and we can work together to look at opportunity that help you!

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Interview/Clarity Call With Jimmy

This call is free for you, and you’ll also receive the recording afterwards. This way you can focus on the conversation without needing to take notes or remember any cool thing that was said.

I will have a separate camera recording myself during the session that will be used for future YouTube/Instagram/Tiktok videos. I will not include video footage of you unless you have agreed beforehand.

Here is how things work:

  1. Schedule a time! Check out the Calendly link I’ll share with you. Please choose an availability that suits you. If you’re not seeing time that works, let me know and I can adjust!

  2. Check your email! Once the schedule is confirmed, I’ll send you a link to the meeting room. You can access the video call through the link in the email.

The video call will be held via (It has better video quality than Zoom). You can download the app on your iphone using the email that will be sent to you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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