3 years after I moved to Japan, I had another passionate desire to step into a new area for my life. At the time, I was considering a move to one of the biggest cities in the world, TOKYO. It all began because I was beginning to pick up a lot more work as a model. This encouraged me to look at the possibility of living in Tokyo and finding better work than what I was doing. I never thought I am anyone who could ever be successful as a model. I was often told that I am handsome, exotic, sexy, attractive, good looking, perfect for modeling, and have a jaw like superman. But, that wasnt my reality... I didn't know why people kept saying this about me. My belief was that I was just a normal looking guy, and there's plenty of other people who look better.

A close friend in Japan who would support expats with living in Japan continually suggested to me that I try modeling. She sent me a couple contacts who were actively living in Tokyo as a model. She kept encouraging me as if she believed that I deserved to be there. I didn't believe that I did, that's why I never tried before. I believed I was flawed and inexperienced.

I tried it out anyways because I knew I wanted an opportunity to live in Tokyo. And after signing with an agency, my first job was with a very well known magazine! I really couldn't believe it. This changed so much for me! I began making an incredible shift to believe in myself more, and made the decision to move to Tokyo. I look back and know that once I believed in myself more things would begin clicking in place. I still follow this same energy today, and many areas of my life, including relationships, have benefited so much.