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Attracting Magnetically

Yes, there are powerful qualities we can embody that powerfully attract others to us! These qualities are not just for dating and relationships, but will impact your professional life as well.

I believe you can amplify these in yourself and enter deeper into authenticity.


"Breaking out of the routine and aspiring to bring beautiful ideas into reality. Let your creativity inspire!"

Women with strong self identity embrace their imaginative energy. Being imaginative is breaking out of yourself and giving life to those beautiful ideas usually held inside.

How is it that we can look at a work of art, a building, or nature and feel so inspired? We are touched by its magnetic and creative energy.

When we live our lives and attract others, we are the same. Our imaginative energy touches others.


"Being real about what you have to offer and who you are. Let others know your authenticity because you radiate it."

Women with strong self identity embrace their authentic self. Being authentic is being real with yourself so that you can be real with others.

I can sit down at a Mexican restaurant and tell immediately if the food is authentic or fake. And yes, people can tell if you’re fake or just not genuine with who you are.

When we attract others, we pull people who are reflections of our authenticity.


"Indicate to others belief in yourself. You may not have all the answers to every problem, but you have the attitude that nothing is too challenging for you to handle"

Even the most self assured people continue to work on their confidence.

Maybe you’re someone who’s…

⚡️confident to show up at work.

⚡️confident about being yourself.


💥sensed their growth into new areas.

💥find challenges w/men and dating.

We’re always growing, right? All of these challenges are normal.

🎺 Back in University, I remember walking over to the backstage of the recital hall where I would perform my graduating performance on trumpet. My heart would pump it’s hardest, my breath would be it’s wildest, and my mind was filled with nervous thoughts and self doubt. I had performed hundreds of times, but I still had my confidence challenged at each performance.

I never got used to it 😂

And you may feel the same when showing up for different things in your life!

🎼 But I stepped up on stage, took a deep breath, and began playing. I believe in myself once again.

You may not have the answers to everything, but you have the attitude that nothing is to challenging for you to handle.

Dating and relationships can challenge our confidence.

⚡️ I love helping purpose driven women bring confidence they have into their relationships.


"Learn to use words well to speak. Reveal your genuine emotions through your voice."

Maybe one of the most challenging things we all face is arranging our thoughts and feelings into words in a way that truly conveys our deeper self.

Do you want to attract a conscious partner aligned with your values and energy?

-talk about your passions

-compliment the things you like

-say your opinion

And don’t stop doing it.

Your voice is how you put yourself out there into the world, and your words are the catalyst to bring change.

I want each of us to live our best lives with people we love. We may not always know how to bring out the most attractive parts of ourselves. We may struggle with them, or need more time to bring it out. That’s OK! Our identity is always growing! Grow with me and see how we can attract others to our lives.


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