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Is He A Fboy?

Normally a guy who is wanting to finesse his way into your bed knows how to love bomb. He is a type of person that will come on strong, but give you the vibe that he is into himself more. If he wants to make your world revolve around him, be cautious.

Other guys not like that, are not exactly fboys. They are just guys who don't know what they want. They Date like normal. They pursue you like normal. They seem normal. But in the end they either ghost you or find another girl.

You can expose this guy by being strong with your boundaries and by not letting the talking phase drag on into a "situationship."

What kind of signs of an Fboy do you look out for?

How to tell if he is an Fboy requires skill and practice. Not every guy is the same, but you are the common denominator in all the connections. You can tell how a guy is by confidently setting boundaries and checking how he responds to them.

Before getting physical with him, you should have a clear discussion with each other on what your motives are. Here you can check if his matches yours, and if you feel he is genuine.

Do not give into a guy just because he is chasing you, check to see how he accepts your boundaries that raise your value. Fboys have a hard time with high value women because they don’t fall for their tricks.

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