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Coaching with Jimmy

If you've found yourself here, there's a good chance you're curious about what a dating coach can do for you.

Truth is, it can do a lot.

I am all about helping you find that healthy long lasting relationship with a man who is aligned with you.

There are generally two types of individuals I support. Women who are single and into the dating scene,  but are unsure where to start, how to attract men, and how to make the experience feel good. This is you if you're feeling things like frustration of dates not working for you, not connecting with high value men or confusion about how men think, or struggle showing up with purpose driven energy. You're ready to break your patterns in dating and love to find the person that's for you.

And women who are already committed to someone special but don't feel that deep connection. You're stressed because you know your needs are not being met, yet you don't know how to address what seems to be weighing you down.

My goal is simple, for you to have an amazing relationship with that person that revolutionizes your world. You achieve your better love within dating and relationships. Someone who you can feel connected to, have fun with, and build deep healthy intimacy with.

So how can I support you to get there?


8 Weeks + 1:1 Coaching

(Align With Love)

My coaching with clients goes deeper in order to grow and integrate positive changes into our dating life. Whether you're single and wanting to expand your dating experience, or newly into a relationship, in 1:1 coaching I can speak directly to your goals.

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